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TNCBA - TN Christian Bass Anglers
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TNCBA - TN Christian Bass Anglers
Birthday Bass Bash
Total Weight of 7 Best Fish
START   December 21, 2020   07:30 AM (EST)
END   December 21, 2020   02:30 PM (EST)
It's Keith Dison's birthday and we are going to celebrate on the water with some friendly competition.
TNCBA - TN Christian Bass Anglers
TNCBA-Connect #3
Total Weight of All Catches
START   October 31, 2020   07:30 AM (EST)
END   October 31, 2020   01:40 PM (EST)
Lake: South Holston Date: October 31st, 2020 Time: 7:30am - 1:30pm (Honor Start) Location: 421 Boat Ramp Format: Catch-Weigh-Release (Total Weight Wins) Scoreable Bass: 1 pound or Greater *Tournament Details: -On the morning of the event, I will be under the light at the high water ramp of 421 @ 6am. Please do not launch your boat until you have checked-in, had your livewells checked, and received your identifier card. Once you have gone through check-in, you may launch your boat and make your way to your first fishing spot. You may not make a cast until 7:30am. As you catch fish, please be sure to follow the procedures for verifying your catch: 1. Weigh your fish on the Connect Scale 2. Place your catch on the measuring board 3. Take a picture of your catch on the measuring board with the scale and identifier card visible. (*Please see example pic below.) 4. Text the weight of your catch to Dison (This serves as our backup system.) You may fish until 1:30pm, you do not have to be back at the ramp by 1:30pm. Once the tournament has concluded at 1:30pm, please make your way back to the ramp in a timely manner. Prizes will be handed out at 421 Ramp in the parking area near the high water ramp.
TNCBA - TN Christian Bass Anglers
TNCBA-ConnectScale 2
Total Weight of All Catches
START   June 06, 2020   06:00 AM (EST)
END   June 06, 2020   12:00 PM (EST)
Patrick Henry Lake 6am - 12pm Total Weight Wins 1 lbs. Minimum on Scoreable Bass Procedure 1. Catch Fish 2. Weigh Fish on Connect Scale 3. If fish weighs 1 pound or more, take verification photo of fish on measuring board with the card and scale in the picture. 4. Text your picture to Dison.
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