YouTube Spring Bass Open hosted by Gmoneystrong Outdoors

The Spring Bass Open, hosted by Gmoneystrong Outdoors on YouTube. This bass fishing tournament is free to enter, and open to anyone with a YouTube channel! The tournament will run from April 1st to May 31st.  Gmoneystrong will post a highlight video every week, featuring the top five fish submitted that week.   The live leaderboard can be found here ->

 iPhone Users - When adding a catch select the YouTube Spring Bass from the tournament list.  Make sure to add a photo and weight when saving catch details.

Android Users - Log you catches with Photo and weight to our current Android app.  We are planning to migrate the older app to the new app later this month.  Until we launch the Android update we will manually update your catches once a week.   Be sure to email for specific instructions on how to allow us access to your account to allow us to manually input.

Please subscribe Gmoneystrong Outdoors for updates and official rules.  The official rules are listed in the description of the following video.

 Link to Video 

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